Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ilustrators 53

Friday after work we headed up to Society of Illustrators for the opening of Illustrators 53: Book and Editorial Exhibit. We were there mainly to support Clay as he received his silver medal for an editorial illustration (above). He did a great job! It was amazing to be among so many extremely talented people. I hardly recognized any in association to their work so I felt at ease meeting them and talking to them as regular people. I got to meet Robyn's roomate Victo Ngai and her boyfriend. I also met a student from Rich's graduating year, Andre Da Loba and another friend Jungyeon Roh. They were so much fun! I also saw Dadu and Fish again. We all ended up at a sushi place on St. Mark's and made a massive drawing collaboration of the ultimate sushi roll!

Victo's work on the poster!
Victo's snow bunny
The ultimate sushi roll!

Monday, February 7, 2011

so long...

Is it true that the last day has come and gone? It feels like the month just flew by. Rajan and Rich took me out to lunch at Pipa Tapas y Mas. We talked about what I liked about my experience, what I didn't and how I thought Dagr could improve its functions and communication. It was easy to be honest with them and we mutually pushed each other to address things in a more thoughtful and versatile manner. They said they recognize me as a creative that is good in many different areas and it is a matter of deciding where I want in invest the most time. They said they have never had an easier month at Dagr and my absence will be felt. Rajan would like me to coninue working in the Spring. I would do image layouts of their past projects for their website and make illustrations for an animated music video for Jihae. I am open to these ideas so we will see what happens. I learned a lot and had a big hand in the creative process of this studio! These are a few of the notes and gifts that I gave to my fellow designers...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Taller Children

On my last Thursday in the city I headed to Rockwood Music Hall to see Rajan's girlfriend Jihae play. She was great! The headlining band came on and I recognized every song, I figured they were playing covers but then found out it was actually Elizabeth & the Catapult! They are a band I love the music of but never knew the name with the songs. It was a great surprise!


Elizabeth and the Catapult!

brown paper packages

Filled up with cats and candy! Thanks Justin!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Home is with You

Here is a current small project that I have been working on this week. A friend from my Redeemer Church group has a couple temporarily living with him due to an apartment fire. We are all creating some art for them to have in their new home as a surprise. I am very much into Victorian type and illustration! This isn't finished yet but I will post the final product as well.


A delicious restaurant in Union Square! This is my lunch of curried rice with raisins and fried Japanese eggplant!

yo-yo club!

NYC Yoyo Club meets every Sunday at the IBM building on the Upper East Side. They were very excited to get a visit from Justin! Funny story is I met one of these guys on my commute home in the subway. I saw him yoyoing so I just asked if he knew Justin Weber and he got very excited because he did know him. He was a new yoyoer and really looked up to Justin's style. It was great to introduce them here. Good luck Adam!