Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ilustrators 53

Friday after work we headed up to Society of Illustrators for the opening of Illustrators 53: Book and Editorial Exhibit. We were there mainly to support Clay as he received his silver medal for an editorial illustration (above). He did a great job! It was amazing to be among so many extremely talented people. I hardly recognized any in association to their work so I felt at ease meeting them and talking to them as regular people. I got to meet Robyn's roomate Victo Ngai and her boyfriend. I also met a student from Rich's graduating year, Andre Da Loba and another friend Jungyeon Roh. They were so much fun! I also saw Dadu and Fish again. We all ended up at a sushi place on St. Mark's and made a massive drawing collaboration of the ultimate sushi roll!

Victo's work on the poster!
Victo's snow bunny
The ultimate sushi roll!

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